My Portfolio

Here are some of my works:

Am I Doing the Right Thing? The platform will be a video about what Brooke is currently up to with her old gang. The video will be very brief considering that there will just an image of her along with her voice in the background.

Pizza Pit New World:Rachel finally gives into working at Pizza Pit. She creates a game called Adventure, a virtual reality game. She hopes that the game will put Pizza Pit on the map. Shortly after she turns on the game, it sucks her and the gang inside.

Fool’s Errand: Pilot Episode: Chance of Fates:This is a script is a pilot of a web series about how a group of random people who work together while across the galaxy.

Fool’s Errand: Episode 2: Shadow: Two members of the crew are looking for a mysterious creature that somehow wound up on the ship.

Newest Guardsman:This is a script about how Yubel and Brooke first met.

An Old Memento:This is a story about how a mysterious package winds up at Brooke’s and Yubel’s home.

Job Gone Wrong: This is a story about how Brooke traded her old life for a new life.

My Last Nerve: This story is about Sheila, who has to take on a flavor from her boss and she is not happy about it.

Saving a Close Friend: This story is based on a true event in my life.

The Heist: This story is about Jason and Ratchet, who are doing one last heist before they retire.

Revenge or Justice: This script is about Brooke, Yubel and Brooke’s mentor, Elder Jay. Brooke discovers a well kept hidden secret about her mentor. How will this information change her?

A Hero Awaits: This script is about Brooke, Yubel and how Brooke obtain her father’s sword, Oblivion.

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